Molly Palmer

A wooden installation with receding arches at either side, and a projected film at the end. In the film a woman sits on a television. She lifts a camera that hides her face as she takes a photo. The flash from the camera has multiplied her within the television screen. At the back of the room there is an archway with a pink light glowing behind it.
Some Shapes Without Edges (still from Heart Song), 2016, Installation view at Royal Academy, London
A woman rolling across a floor with a pattern of lines taped to the surface. Other women surround her, tracing her body with mirrors and torches.
Amulet, 2024, Still from film commission for Het HEM, Amsterdam
An installation wall made of blue felt stands to the right of the room. In the middle of it a door stands open with a bright light shining through. Behind the door is a wooden sun. To the left of the wall there is a flat screen television showing a close up of a woman’s eyes. The screen is mounted on a carved wooden base, and has a speaker and a pile of cables next to it.
A Grey Suede Glove, 2021, Installation view at Rijksakademie, Amsterdam, photography by Peter Tijhuis
Four women kneel on the floor, using mirrors and torches to make reflections and distortions between their hands and bodies.
Signal, 2023, Film still from installation at Buitenplaats Doornburgh, Utrecht
A high ceilinged room with long green windows on one side. Three large scrolls of paper hang down from the ceiling at the back of this former chapel. A projection on the front scroll of paper shows a woman’s hands holding a metal flute. She twists the flute with her fingers, dipping it into a river. It is night, and a second woman moves a torch over the scene. In the installation, metal flutes hang on the walls with round mirrors fixed to the top. The mirrors reflect the installation lights, making reflections of light on the floor
Signal, 2023 Installation view at Buitenplaats Doornburgh, Utrecht
A woman sits on a staircase, playing a pale silver flute. She is wearing a black costume and her earrings are made of pinky white cowrie shells
Amulet, 2024, Still from film commission for Het HEM, Amsterdam
A large film projection to the left of the installation shows two beheaded women whose faces have come off like masks. Blood drips from their necks and the faces turn in the air between them, surrounded by a glowing blue light. The right side of the room is hung with wooden window shaped sculptures, whose curtains are blown out by fans
PASSWORD, 2022, Installation view at Akinci Gallery, Amsterdam, photography by Peter Tijhuis